Practical Tools to Help Achieve Your Vision

Mike Paton has spent every working day of the last fifteen years helping thousands of leaders around the globe run better businesses and live better lives. Mike co-authored two books in the Traction library, Get a Grip and Process! An Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer and sought-after speaker, Paton succeeded Gino Wickman, author of Traction, and spent five years as EOS Worldwide's Visionary, coaching business owners on a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools allowing owners to get what they want from their businesses. He's grateful to be living his ideal life - helping others master the timeless disciplines and practical tools of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

General Session Speakers

Breakout Session Speakers


Darryl Margaux, SearchKings CEO & Co-Founder


Service & Healthy Air

John van den Heuvel, Gensco VP of Supplies Sales


American Standard Product Update

Aaron Larson, Gensco Tech Services Manager

Vijay Deshmukh, American Standard VP of Product Management

Paul Parish, American Standard Digital Adoption Manager